Healdsburg’s Clock Tower

Healdsburg’s downtown square is getting harder to sketch during the summer months because the trees that line the sidewalks have grown noticeably larger. I remember when I first moved here almost eleven years ago, the clock tower was the defining landmark of the downtown area and could be seen a block or two away depending on the direction of the viewer. Today, the tower can only be seen in its entirety from one angle–along Healdsburg Avenue. But with autumn fast approaching, the leaves will soon fall off the trees enabling me to sketch the eclectic buildings once again. For this drawing, I stood in front of Sandy Erickson’s art gallery looking west across the street.

2 thoughts on “Healdsburg’s Clock Tower

  1. I like the way you added just a touch of color here and there. I can remember Healdsburg’ square before it was so “fancy”. I spent every summer at 326 Matheson St. as a little girl. Several City kids would come to stay and enjoy the country life. We swam every day in the river. This is in the 1940’s a LONG time ago!

  2. Wow, 1940’s that is a long time ago! When I first moved to the Bay Area, I visited Healdsburg and it was much different than it is now. I liked it then and I like it now but mostly I’m just happy to live here. BTW, I used a waterbrush to colorize this image. I found it very different from using a regular brush. I can see its advantages and also a few disadvantages. I don’t feel like I have as much control as I do with a normal brush but that may change with time. Thanks for the suggestion!

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