Art in Transit

Chicagoans are proud of their public transit system, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), and they should be. Since the late 1940’s, the CTA has been providing a reliable, economical, and relatively safe way of getting around the city. The buses and trains we’ve used while here have been on time, clean, and an enjoyable way to travel.

The arts have long been apart of the CTA history, but not all were encouraged. Back in 1969 there was a rock group called The Chicago Transit Authority but after the CTA threatened legal action because of the use of their name, the band shortened their name to Chicago for their second album.

More recently, the CTA combined efforts with the Arts in Transit Program, and now more than forty CTA stations are permanent homes to mosaics, paintings, and sculptures.

While waiting for the bus to arrive, Marilyn and I played footsie at the station. I started to sketch our feet but it wasn’t long before the bus arrived and cut my drawing time short. Once we found a seat, I used my waterbrush to add some quick color to the line work. The bus took us to a train, which then left us at our final destination, downtown.

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  1. Thanks Cheryl! Yes, I’ve never drawn my feet like this and certainly I could have found something else to draw at the time but it just felt like a fun thing to do.

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