Art Supplies Used While Traveling in Greece

I have experimented with many different art supplies over the years, and my supply list is always evolving. Here is a list of the items I used in Greece, each of which I tested extensively before my trip to ensure its necessity and functionality. Most of these supplies can be found at any art supply store.

• Sakura Pigma Micron pens size 01-08

• Windsor & Newton professional-grade tube watercolors

• Children’s watercolor set (with the paint soaked out and replaced with W&N watercolors)

• 12” x 12” masonite hardboard

• Water cups clip

• Windsor & Newton, Series 7 sable watercolor brush

• Technical pencil (never needs sharpening)

• Moleskine watercolor sketchbooks

• Moleskine regular sketchbooks

• Arches hot press watercolor blocks 7” x 10”

• Plastic knife (for removing pages from the watercolor block)

• iPhone for pictures, video, blog posts (so much contained in one gadget makes it a winner)

• Timbuk2 messenger bag

• Three-legged fold-up chair

• Notebook for writing thoughts

• Kneaded eraser

5 thoughts on “Art Supplies Used While Traveling in Greece

  1. It’s always fun to see some one else’s set up. It is very similar to mine but I use 1/4″ gatorboard which is lighter and waterbrushes, hence no cups. I love your work, Richard. Oh, and a sponge cloth clipped to the board for brush cleaning.

  2. Thanks for the complement Elizabeth. I’ve never heard of gatorboard or the sponge cloth, I’ll have to check those items out. I do have a waterbrush that i’ve had for months but have yet to try it out. I love my sable brush! But you have given me encouragement to give the waterbrush a whirl. Maybe tomorrow out at Jenner? We’ll see!

  3. Hope you’re enjoying drawing out on the coast. Looking forward to seeing the results!

  4. Hi Peter, thanks for your complement. Your watercolor painting is nice. I would suggest trying to paint your subject again from a different angle to get more depth.

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