Chateau St. Jean Garden Sculpture

Seven members of the drawing group Rural Sketchers of Sonoma County met today at Chateau St. Jean Winery in the Valley of the Moon, Sonoma County, CA. The weather was perfect, the gardens were beautiful, and I drew this statue that was near a fountain. I used an SKB “James Jean” pen with my moleskin sketchbook. The SKB pen is perfect for drawing because of a feathery line quality  can be achieved with a light, brush like stroke. I had some difficulty making the drawing look like a sculpture rather than a real person because the sculpture looked so lifelike.

2 thoughts on “Chateau St. Jean Garden Sculpture

  1. Not that I don’t love the moleskin, but I’m curious: why the 2-page spread rather than the full sheet of a Strathmore or a Portofino?

  2. Good question! There is something special about having a group of drawings in a book rather than on separate sheets of paper. I like the storybook quality I get from the Moleskine. That way each page relates to the previous drawing and the one that follows.

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