The Antique Clock

One thing I’ll always remember about my visit to Chicago is this antique clock in a corner of Marilyn’s grandmother’s living room. Its art deco styling and colors are what attract me most, along with soft chimes that dance each quarter hour. The clock has been passed down for generations, and no doubt will be treasured by family clock keepers to come. It makes this corner a special place where I’d like to spend a day with a good book and a cup of tea.

Since my recent return from Chicago, I happened to watch Alfred Hitchcock’s film, “Rebecca.” Midway through the movie, I had to pause to look carefully at a wall in Manderley House, where an almost identical clock graced a rear wall.

2 thoughts on “The Antique Clock

  1. Always a great fan of grandmothers, and of Rebecca, I so enjoyed this post. Your rendering of that charming corner is pulling me in for that “day with a good book and a cup of tea.”

  2. Thanks Jean! I had never seen the movie Rebecca before but it’s a good one. Now for that cup of tea . . .

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