Marilyn Meet Marilyn

As my wife Marilyn and I made our way up Michigan Avenue to Pioneer Court, I was surprised to see a 26 foot high Marilyn Monroe sculpture of the famous subway-grate stance from the movie “The Seven Year Itch.” What a perfect sketching opportunity. Even though I was standing in a crowd of people, I pulled out my sketchbook and began to draw. A couple of onlookers asked, “How’s it coming along?” and I replied that it was too early to tell. After finishing the sketch, I walked around the sculpture to see it from all sides. Apparently the New Jersey-based artist Seward Johnson has a sense of humor because Marilyn’s panties are easily seen in the rear view. Here she is as viewed from the south, the Tribune Tower annex in the background.

2 thoughts on “Marilyn Meet Marilyn

  1. Thanks Zoe! Yes, it’s a pretty cool sculpture. I hear that it’s temporary too so it may not be there when you go back either!

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