Marriott Marquis Hotel

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was built 1995 but is already expanding with a new wing along Howard street. Its a good thing too with its recent acquisition of the Fisher collection and some 175 other works by big name artists like Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning Jasper Johns, Rauschenberg, Bacon and others.

While visiting the Museum I found a deck with a great view on one of the upper floors looking west along Mission st. I pulled out my sketchbook and drew the Marriott Marquis Hotel at 4th street, not far from the museum. When I first moved to San Francisco just over 20 years ago, this hotel was the newest addition to the San Francisco Skyline and I always appreciated the art deco style.

One thought on “Marriott Marquis Hotel

  1. I had to attend a business meeting at the St. Regis a few years ago and was so disappointed to not have time to see SFMOMA while I was in the neighborhood. Your drawing of the Marriott depicts what I love most about San Francisco (besides the fog, that is). And it also depicts something about drawing that many have trouble applying–what you leave out has as much impact as what you put in.

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