Umbrellas in the Rain


It’s hard to believe it rained in Healdsburg this late in June, but it did. Cool temps with highs in the mid 60’s lasted for several days and it felt more like February. But this weekend we have a complete turnaround with highs forecasted above 100° and humidity 2-3 times higher than normal. I hope the grape vines are holding out through this fickle weather.

6 thoughts on “Umbrellas in the Rain

  1. Thanks Steven! I still can’t believe this weather we are having. It’s 106° right now and a couple of days ago it was in the 50s and raining.

  2. Thank you Shirley, I appreciate it! I painted something similar to this while in Greece but thought it would be appropriate to paint something similar again with this late rain storm. It’s nice to have variety of weather!

  3. Ooh, Richard, how I’d been there to enjoy a week of rain and temps in the 60’s! That’s MY kind of weather. And I love your Umbrellas in the Rain – makes me feel ever so much cooler just looking at it!

  4. Jean, it’s been crazy weather here! yes, the rain was wonderful while it lasted. Now we’re getting blasted with 105° heat and 30% humidity. Eeeeek!

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