Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field was near the top of my Chicago to-do list. On our first day out driving, I asked to see the famous stadium, with no idea it just happened to be nearby. I knew there’d be a game in progress so traffic might be a problem. My wife pulled into the McDonalds parking lot across the street from the stadium and my mother-in-law popped in for a soda (or “pop” as they say in the Midwest). I asked Marilyn if I had enough time for a quick sketch; she smiled and nodded yes. Jumping out of the car, I then began to draw at a frantic pace. The game was in progress, and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” was being played and sung. We had just happened to catch the 7th inning stretch. A bit later, in the bottom of the inning, cheers erupted as the Cubs knocked in another home run, reaching what was to be the final score: Cubs 7, Brewers 1.

2 thoughts on “Wrigley Field

  1. Thanks Steven! Well I’ve been outside its walls but never actually been to a game myself. I kept hoping someone would knock the ball out of the park while I was sketching and I could catch it!

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