Turbulent Skies

Firenados, dry lightning, extreme heatwaves, and downpours (rain more like what we expect in February than August) have pummeled Northern California in the past 24 hours. What else will 2020 bring?

Tomorrow’s Game

Major League Baseball begins this week with a shortened schedule and no fans in attendance. I sincerely hope they can play without getting the virus.This is my second attempt to paint the baseball park at City Park in Cloverdale Ca. My first attempt was on location, this one was finished in the studio.

Geyserville Farm

I often drive past this farm along Hwy 101 in Geyserville, CA and finally found the time to paint it. It’s particularly pretty in the spring with the row of trees along the fence bursting with pink blossoms. 

Healdsburg’s Railroad Bridge

The old railroad bridge that crosses the Russian River on the south side of Healdsburg is still standing but hasn’t been used in decades. Someday, the Smart Train may cross this bridge, if it can be retrofitted, otherwise it’ll be torn down to make way for a new one. The last time I sketched this bridge was back in February of 2010, just when I was getting feet wet in the world of sketching.

Healdsburg’s Memorial Bridge

I’ve always enjoyed driving across Healdsburg’s Memorial Bridge. Even though I use to live on the north end of Healdsburg, I sometimes exited highway 101 two stops early just to drive across it and see what was happening in town. Built in 1921, the bridge was recently retrofitted and restored in 2015. No doubt there will be celebrations next year on its 100th anniversary.