Turbulent Skies

Firenados, dry lightning, extreme heatwaves, and downpours (rain more like what we expect in February than August) have pummeled Northern California in the past 24 hours. What else will 2020 bring?

Cloverdale Depot

About ten years ago, the city of Cloverdale built a train Depot on the east side of town anticipating that the SMART train would someday be extended this far north. I’m not holding my breath with all that’s going on these days. This was the first time I saw the depot up close and was very impressed with it’s design.

Cycling Asti Road

One of the more popular outdoor activities here in the Northern California, besides the obvious wine tasting, is cycling on a warm summer day among the grape vines.

Pastori Winery

It was too hot to be sketching in direct sunlight yesterday but I wanted to paint this angle of Pastori Winery in Geyserville, CA. I slathered on lots of sun screen and donned a hat but it wasn’t enough to beat the heat so I rushed through this one.

Redwood Hill Farm

Great day out sketching at Redwood Hill Farms. The Bice family started the farm 50 years ago and although the goat cheese operations were sold a few years back, the farm remains in family hands. It’s a gorgeous place to sketch! I chose this small cottage thinking it was a fairly easy subject to paint but quickly found out to the contrary. My biggest problem is still not going dark enough and having to do multiple layers. I’ll have to work on that.

Antique Car Show in Cloverdale

Cloverdale’s Antique Car Show is hands down the most fun I’ve had all year sketching. What’s not to like? Antique cars and enthusiasts everywhere. People eager to have you sketch their car as they tell you all the nitty gritty that went into the restoration. Passers by seemed as interesting in our groups sketches as they did the cars. Top that off with a Pizza (last year) or Thai food (this year) and the day is complete.