Joy Springs Ranch

Deborah, (A friend of a friend) has a ranch called “Joy Springs Ranch” out on Old Skaggs Spring Road just outside of town here in Healdsburg. A few friends of mine gathered there a while back for sketching, barbecuing, and good conversation. After driving an hour up a winding road to the property (located west of Lake Sonoma), the artists of the group headed out into the semi-wilderness for creative inspiration. A creek running through the property caught my eye and I danced along its edge until I came upon this bend and set up shop to draw. Luckily, my Moleskin sketchbook held up nicely with watercolor because often times the paint just beads up on the page. Back at the ranch in the late afternoon, it was cold while prepping the food, but the fire on the grill helped keep us warm. As the day turned into night, we retreated indoors for dinner and warmth. I served a special treat, Scharffenberger chocolate brownies for dessert.