Anatomy Lab at Santa Rosa Junior College

Yesterday I gave a presentation at Santa Rosa Junior College about illustration. My only hope was to keep the interest of the students for the scheduled hour but they managed to keep me talking for almost two an a half hours. The subject I emphasized most was the importance of learning to draw in a sketchbook. Sketching I told them, will bring more life to their finished illustrations, giving them more depth, accuracy, and interest. The students responded well to my talk and spent a good amount of time looking through several of my sketchbooks and my published book, The Artist on the Road. It was a pleasure talking to this group of students and I hope I lit a fire in them get off the computer at some point during their week and sketch from life. (my illustration work can be seen here: )

After my presentation I went over to the anatomy lab where my wife Marilyn was studying for an exam coming up. Although Marilyn graduated from college with a degree in English, she’s going back to school to get a medical assistant certificate. While hanging out with her for a few minutes in the lab, I drew a student studying a human skeleton.