Baggin’ for Chicago

Watch out Chicago, The Artist on the Road is coming your way! I’ll be in the City of Big Shoulders for six days starting tonight, visiting my wife’s family and sketching as often as time permits. What else do I want to do while there? Mostly I’d just like to hang out in the Loop and environs, and try a sampling of all the Windy City has to offer. Cafes, coffee houses, parks and beaches along the lakefront, the art district. No matter what we end up doing, as long as I can sketch, I’ll be happy!

My dad was nice enough to loan me his Rick Steve’s travel bag for the trip. While packing last night, I stopped to sketch his bag along with my own messenger bag that holds all my art supplies. Both bags are great to travel with.

8 thoughts on “Baggin’ for Chicago

  1. sounds wonderful! i had a great time there just a few weeks ago. check and see if the mid-century japanese prints are still up in the japan area of the art institute. they were exquisite and inspiring. shin hanga, i think the movement is called.

  2. Thank you Martha for the tip! We do have plans to go to the Art Institute so I’ll make sure I check out those prints!

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