Flamingo Amigos

Walking back from a recent Charlie Musselwhite concert in the Plaza, I noticed two plastic flamingos placed in an empty lot. The lot is on the site of the old Healdsburg’s post office that burned down in August of last year. The birds’ metal legs had been firmly stuck into the ground, and their heads faced a television propped up on a chair. The oddball set-up brought a smile and I reached for my sketchbook to capture the moment. I admit using some artistic license in my drawing by adding rabbit ears to the small box sitting on top of the TV. While sketching, I wondered what the flamingos were watching on TV. The first thing that came to mind was the classic 1946 movie “The Postman Always Rings Twice.”

4 thoughts on “Flamingo Amigos

  1. That’s funny Steven! I bet you’re right about the seagulls. Cell phones use to come with one ear not so long ago but thankfully not two!

  2. Maybe they are watching Pink Flamingos, not sure what says about my knowledge of cinema. Fun sketch & description!

  3. Very funny Mike and great movie choice! I know I’ve seen bits and pieces of Pink Flamingos over the years but never the actual movie.

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