Bodega, California

Bodega with edges_s

Bodega and Bodega Bay are often confused as the same place but are actually two separate towns divided by several miles of curvy roads. Part of the confusion stems from both places being represented as one coastal town in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, “The Birds.” The old Potter Schoolhouse used in the movie is the second building from the left.

The church next door also appeared in the film and was built by Spanish and Portuguese shipbuilders back in 1859, who dedicated it to St. Teresa of Avila. A California Historical Landmark, the church is the oldest in continuous use in Sonoma County.

4 thoughts on “Bodega, California

  1. Hi Richard- Sorry that I missed the day in Bodega. Sunday mornings are super busy for me. Thanks for sharing your drawing. Looks great!
    Aloha, Kate

  2. We missed you Kate, but hope you can make it next time! We had a great time, about nine people showed up. I’ll be posting the next meet-up soon.

  3. Yes, it’s kind of confusing to have two towns close to one another and having similar names. The coast in Bodega Bay is beautiful and I bet you cousin enjoyed the beauty while living there. And yes, I forgot to include at least one bird!

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