Heads You Lose

New York Times best selling author Lisa Lutz teamed with Healdsburg editor Dave Hayward to write a murder mystery Heads You Lose. Their book is unique in that Lisa wrote the odd numbered chapters and Dave wrote the even ones, with neither knowing what the other was going to write and unable to change what the other had written. Heads You Lose is a fun read and a recommended purchase at your favorite book store.

Both writers were present at a book reading this past Saturday at Copperfield’s Books in Healdsburg. The authors bantered with each other, imitating the author tensions that are included in their book between chapters. I sat in the front row to get the best view to draw. After the book reading and signing, a group of us friends of Dave and Lisa sat out on the grass on the Healdsburg plaza and drank coffee. This is where I had the opportunity to add watercolor washes to my fresh drawing.


2 thoughts on “Heads You Lose

  1. A great way to capture a fun day! I like the way you tagged which book your dad bought.

  2. Thanks Jennifer, I had a good time at the book signing and a great time at dinner!

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