Limerick Lane

Late Saturday morning, as I packed and prepped the bike for a ride into town, sub-freezing overnight temps were rising into the mid-40s. As I set out, a chill nipped my chin, but the sunshine and exercise kept me warm. After crossing Healdsburg’s Memorial Bridge and cruising down Old Redwood Highway, a left turn found me on Limerick Lane, a gently sloping winery-lined road that opens onto rolling vineyards.

At half a mile or so, the county road ends, branching into two private roads leading in opposite directions. Two old barns frame the vineyard-covered hills awash in new autumn colors. Here I hopped off my bike and unfolded the portable stool to draw amidst the wild grasses. The scent of woodsmoke drifted on a gentle breeze, along with faint, but not unpleasant, barnyard smells. I pulled out my landscape sketchbook and began to block in the larger shapes of the landscape.

Midway through drawing, I heard a loud neigh just behind me. Spinning around, I found a beautiful cream and brown spotted horse a few feet away.

My new friend made excellent company as I put the finishing touches on the painting. Then I packed up my gear and rode back toward town. With the sun now low in the west I felt the evening chill once again filling the valley. I hoped to make it home before dark, but I had miles to go before I could rest.

9 thoughts on “Limerick Lane

  1. If the horse “said” anything it must have been Mr. Ed! Very nice sketch and evocative street name too!

  2. What a beautiful story. You paint with your words as well as with your brush. What a delightful name for a road too!

  3. Thank you Roxane! I loved painting on Limerick Lane and hope to go back and paint some more. Yes I agree, the name of the road is great too!

  4. Aah, another magical day on Limerick Lane … with words and brushes you’ve taken us there. I can almost feel the horse’s warm breath as I sit contemplating which of the two old barns I prefer.

  5. Thank you Peter! I’ve been so busy with my book and the wine harvest I haven’t had time to say hello. Thanks for stopping by and I’m happy to have brightened your evening.

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