Marilyn Reading on a Rainy Autumn’s Night

My wife Marilyn loves to read. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, she’s always interested in a good story. Reading she says, helps calm her active mind and allows her to relax. I love reading books too and on a rainy day like today, cozying up with a good book is pure pleasure. Today I picked the book George Seurat, The Drawings off the shelf and thumbed through it for the hundredth time. I admire Seurat’s drawings for the way he works with light and shadow, composition, and mood. His drawings have a quiet, almost meditative spirit with a touch of melancholy.

Inspired by Seurat’s beautiful drawings, I decide to try his technique for myself. After returning from my studio with a conté crayon and some laid paper, I search the house for a subject that will work well with high contrast lighting. In the living room I find Marilyn reading on the couch with a floor lamp illuminating her book in the near darkness. After setting up my art supplies, a couple of hours pass like minutes. I have forgotten how much I enjoy drawing Marilyn and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to do so more often. There’s nothing better than drawing on a rainy, near winter’s night, especially if someone special is nearby.

3 thoughts on “Marilyn Reading on a Rainy Autumn’s Night

  1. I love this, Richard! Have no idea what a conte crayon is, but now I want one! As if it’s the crayon that did it! Wonderful woodcut and watercolor, too. I especially love watercolor and always say if I were an artist that would be my medium. For now, I shall stick to enjoying the work of real artists like you.

  2. Thanks Jean! Conte crayons have been around for a couple hundred years and are a cross between a crayon and piece of charcoal. I mostly use them for figure drawing but they can also used as an underdrawing medium for a painting on canvas. By the way, I may be an artist on paper but you are THE artist in the kitchen!

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