Marilyn Soaking up the Afternoon Sun

My wife Marilyn loves to swim, especially on warm summer days like today. She’s often said how much she enjoys the exercise and the simple pleasure of being out of doors, breathing in the fresh coastal air. Most days she swims at the club but today she was taking care of a friend’s cat in Alexander Valley and the owners offered the use of their pool as an added bonus. I tagged along for the company and since we’ve both been so busy lately, it was nice for us to have some time to catch up with each other and enjoy a little afternoon sun.

While Marilyn kicked her way back and forth across the pool, I lounged under a patio umbrella hiding from the stinging rays of the afternoon sun. While relaxing, I became entranced with the sun light as it danced on the surface of the water. The delicate, rhythmic motion of light had a calming effect and reminded me once again what life is about.

Dripping wet, my wife exited the pool and laid down on the deck to warm up. With my attention now shifted, I drew a foreshortened view of Marilyn as she soaked up the sun and immortalized her in my sketchbook. It was nice to have a change of scenery for a couple of hours and a pool all to ourselves.

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