North Street Looking East, Healdsburg

This sketch of Healdsburg’s North Street was drawn from a vantage point near city hall looking east. I chose to stay in my car while drawing because I liked the angle and sometimes its nice to have good back support and a radio for company. Using a Moleskine and a Pigma Micron pen, I fleshed out the drawing and then added a little watercolor. Although I like Moleskine sketchbooks, I find that watercolor often beads up on the page, so I usually only add spot colors instead of washes.

In my drawing, the old, abandoned Purity Products building is on the left. The building was originally called Cerri Brothers Produce Warehouse and was used for packing fruit before sending it on its way along the railroad. Over the next few years, the railroad tracks will be upgraded to make way for the new passenger train called SMART that will run from Cloverdale all the way down to Larkspur, not far from the Golden Gate Bridge. From there passengers can take the bus or ferry to San Francisco.

Located at the far end of the street is the Les Mars Hotel which also houses the critically acclaimed restaurant, Cyrus.

7 thoughts on “North Street Looking East, Healdsburg

  1. Richard you seem to always find the perfect balance between loose and detail. It really gives the sketches a delightful feel.

  2. Thanks Wakar, I’d like to say that I know what I’m doing but I don’t. My drawings often seem to evolve on their own and I’m never sure of what I’m going to get until its finished.

  3. Thanks for the complement. I’m guessing with no description needed that you are from Healdsburg? Your new website is very impressive. I look forward to checking it out when you get more drawings on it!

    Ah, my wife just told be that you are a member of the Young family. My wife Marilyn worked at Robert Young for a couple of years a while back.

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