The Temple of Olympian Zeus

Just beyond the Arch of Hadrian, I notice that the site of the Temple of Olympian Zeus, which I drew through the fence last night, is actually open. This is exciting because I’d love to have a second opportunity to draw the ancient structure. My dad and I enter the site and I look around for the best view, set up my chair in the grass, and begin to draw. From my vantage point, the Acropolis lies in the background just behind the ruins of the Temple, dominating the landscape.

Lightly, in ink, I position the columns on the page, and using a two point perspective, estimate the height they seem relative to one another. Then I dive in with heavier line work. My drawing style is often inconsistent, and my moods can dictate the style of a piece. On some days, like today, I’m looser and not so fussy with detail, which usually means better drawings.

I’ve purposely used my watercolor block this time, since I plan to finish this drawing with paint. Only a few areas to wash in color, I think, and I’ll be done. As I’m doing this, a group of tourists appear, and some compliment me on my painting. One asks if he can take a picture of me sketching with his girlfriend standing beside me. I’m flattered, of course, and agree, but I’m beginning to feel like part of the exhibition, so it’s time to move on.

One thought on “The Temple of Olympian Zeus

  1. An admirable achievement and a fine body of work. Also your dad’s clean photography with foreground interest – not easy.

    I envy the pair of you; my artisic dad died young so we never got the opportunity you guys have.

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