The Artist on the Road Impressions of Greece – eBook

To celebrate the anniversary of my trip to Greece, I’m offering the ebook version of my book The Artist on the Road: Impressions of Greece FREE on the iBookstore for a limited time! ***The limited edition giveaway is now over***

To purchase the ebook (only $1.99) on the iBookstore Click HERE!

8 thoughts on “The Artist on the Road Impressions of Greece – eBook

  1. That is so generous of you! I already have your print version and love it, but I downloaded it for my iPad so I can have it with me all the time. Thanks so much!!

  2. You’re welcome Cheryl! Glad you like my book. It’s interesting to see it in the digital format as it has a different look and feel.

  3. Hi Richard, Ditto everything that Cheryl said. I love the real book, but now it is on my IPad too.
    Thank you so much. I always enjoy seeing your art and reading about your adventures. Inspiring.

  4. Thanks Kay! Glad you picked up an eBook copy of The Artist on the Road. I’m currently working on a book about Chicago as well as Wine Country. Both are due to be published next year.

  5. Thanks Richard for the free copy! I also own a print version but the ebook does have a wonderful clarity to it. I look forward to your new books!

  6. You’re welcome Cathy! Glad you enjoy both versions. I’m working away on a few other books that will be out next year. Hopefully Impressions of Chicago will be out in spring and Impressions of Wine Country in summer.

  7. Dear Richard,

    That’s a fine picture of of a water tower in the Post Democrat. I’ve written a book about them (TANKHOUSE: California’s Redwood water Towers from a Bygone Era.

    I got started on the subject by taking pictures of them while riding my bike around Sonoma County like you, and continue to take pictures of them and collect whatever information I can about them. I’d like to see this one. Can you tell me where to find it?

    Best wishes,
    Tom C

    BTW, you might enjoy my post-publication blog:

  8. Thanks Tom! That’s great that you’ve written a book about California’s water towers, and also cool that you discovered them by biking around the area. I love the old structures when I see them watching over vineyards, they add character.

    This particular water tower is tucked away off the 101 freeway. Here is a google maps link: . It’s on Independence lane, just south of Coppola Winery.
    Thanks for stopping by!

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