The Charming Town of Cotati


Blink while driving up Highway 101 and you’ll miss the charming town of Cotati. The city center sports an unusual hexagonal shape with coffee shops, caf├ęs, and sculpture, complementing the small town feel. Home to two music festivals, the Cotati Jazz Festival in June, and the internationally renowned Accordion Festival in late August, Cotati surely is a place to keep both your eyes and ears open.

4 thoughts on “The Charming Town of Cotati

  1. Jean, there are many nice cities around here to visit, that’s for sure. I know someday you’ll com up here wine tasting and you’ll have to let me know so we can say hello!

  2. Hi Richard, I love your water color of Cotati especially because our hair salon just happens to be A Cut Above. My business partner and myself have been renting that same location for 36 yrs next month. I would love to purchase a print or two if you have any available. You made the place look so beautiful, if only it looked that good!!! What a treat to see that in the PD, I’ve been enjoying the paintings of other locations around the county! Thank-you Heidi Jones

  3. Thank you Heidi, I appreciate it and am glad to hear you like the Cotati watercolor! 36 years is a looooong time for one location. I guess it’s worked well for you. I’ll contact you about a prints via your email address.

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