The Erechtheion with its Porch of the Karyatids

Once I reach to top of the Acropolis, I find a good place to sit and start drawing the Erechtheion, focusing on the Porch of the Karyatids. I see five beautiful stone ladies who will keep me company while I paint. Halfway through my first painting, a Greek woman walks over and waves her arms upon seeing my drawing. I don’t understand her Greek, but her reaction is telling. Then she reaches into her bag and pulls out an apple, hands it to me. I’ve never had anyone express their appreciation of my work so thoughtfully.

I change locations and begin another drawing. This time the entire Erechtheion is my focus, with the Porch of the Karyatids to one side. A teenage girl comes near and sits beside me watching me draw. She’s completely silent. After a half hour, she looks at me, smiles and thanks me, then slips away.

2 thoughts on “The Erechtheion with its Porch of the Karyatids

  1. I was lucky to get this painting because the first time I went up on the acropolis, I had jet lag so bad I couldn’t paint. Thankfully later in the trip, I had a second chance.
    Thanks Peter!

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