The Little Shamrock Pub

Intersection of 9th Avenue and Lincoln Avenue, San Francisco.

I lived in San Francisco for ten years throughout the 90’s mainly in the Inner Sunset District. For a while I lived at Ninth and Irving with my girlfriend at the time, Bernadette. From our bay window in our living room we had an terrific view of Golden Gate Park just across the street (our apartment is hidden behind the tree in the drawing and to the right of the Little Shamrock Pub). I spent more than a few nights drinking Guinness at the Shamrock pub that’s well over 100 years old.

4 thoughts on “The Little Shamrock Pub

  1. Richard, these are all gorgeous, but I really like this partially colored one. I would love to be able to capture scenes the way you do.

  2. Thanks Jean, all it takes is practice, diligence, and lots of time. Now on to that Macaroni and cheese recipe you posted . . .

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