The Press Democrat Towns Section “Sense of Place” – Limerick Lane

Last Sunday, my Limerick Lane sketch was published in the Press Democrat’s newspaper column “Sense of Place.” So far the sketches selected for publication have come from last years sketchbooks but soon I’ll be sketching new work specifically for the column. I’m looking forward to discovering more of Sonoma County one sketch at a time!

10 thoughts on “The Press Democrat Towns Section “Sense of Place” – Limerick Lane

  1. I keep missing seeing your wonderful sketches and stories in the paper! So are they published every other week?

  2. Yes Cathy, my work is published in the PD every other Sunday. This posting is from this past sunday Sept. 23. They are suppose to be published online too but sometimes it takes a while before they are published.

  3. Hey! We live 100 yards from where you set up to do the painting. Had I known I would have brought you refreshments!

  4. Thanks John for the refreshments offer, that would have been nice! It’s beautiful along Limerick Lane.

  5. Thanks Phil! The area is beautiful and I hope to draw again in the area soon. Maybe for my Wine-and-Sketching-Weekend coming up on October 20 and 21.

  6. I love your sketches. I am so looking forward to seeing more of your work. You really capture the beauty around us.

  7. Hello Richard,
    I enjoyed seeing your drawing of the Comstock House in Sunday’s paper, but wonder where you got the historical information on that house. Helen Comstock was my aunt and I have never heard that it was owned by both Confederate soldiers an abolitioists. I’ve always thought that it was first owned by Hillard Comstock’s mother, I believe her name was Nellie. When she died, Helen and Hillard moved to the home.

  8. Hi Joan, glad you liked my sketch in the paper last weekend. I believe the information you are talking about came from both, the current Comstock House owners, and this website:
    I wrote and sketched the Comstock story about a year and a half ago and is just now making its way into the PD.

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