The Seagull at Doran Beach, Bodega Bay

If you’ve ever seen Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds” then you’ll probably understand the experience my wife and I had today at Bodega bay. While enjoying a pick-nick lunch on Doran beach, seagulls showed up one by one and surrounded us from all sides. They stared. They glared. And when we looked away, they stepped closer. The first bird to arrive (sketched above) told me mater-of-factly that he was sick to death of seafood and wanted to eat my turkey sandwich.

2 thoughts on “The Seagull at Doran Beach, Bodega Bay

  1. Nice one, Richard! Hah, turkey sandwiches!

    Like crows, I think gulls eat just about anything.

  2. Thanks and yes, gulls will eat anything. It’s amazing to me how clean they look with their snowy white feathers. They almost look like house pets.

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