Windsor Hillside Vineyards

While driving Old Redwood Highway north of Windsor, I’ve always enjoyed the view along Los Amigos Road. Last weekend, I finally found time to sit amongst the young olive trees at the roadside to paint the scene.

4 thoughts on “Windsor Hillside Vineyards

  1. Thanks Luisa! Yes, I took a break from doing my longer sketches and was focusing on creating a series of short sketches while traveling to an event. I think it’s worthwhile and it’s fun to sketch quickly. People are very curious as to what I was doing.
    But back to these longer poses, I’m glad you like them! Lately I’ve enjoyed sketching without pen lines (but a few light pencil lines show through). thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great watercolor! I love how my eye just travels over this watercolor. How did you start your painting? Sky first, foreground? Look forward to your book!

  3. Thanks Cathy! I first sketched this in pencil then splashed some light washes across the page. Then I layered in the darker colors giving the sketch its definition.

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