“An Illustrated Journey” is Now Available

An_Illustrated_Journey_painted_SI’m excited to announce the publication of “An Illustrated Journey” by Danny Gregory. I was one of 40 artists, illustrators and designers chosen to collaborate with Danny on this book about travel sketching. I received my copy today and have just flipped through the pages of the new book. It’s a great collection of sketch artists from around the world. Pick up your copy today!

4 thoughts on ““An Illustrated Journey” is Now Available

  1. Thank you Claire! I’m suppose to get a copy from the publisher but it hasn’t arrived yet, so yesterday I ordered my own copy from Amazon and received it today. So much to look at and appreciate! Hope you enjoy it.

  2. Yes luisa its a great book with 40 different artists sharing their experiences as sketch artists and the artist tools they use. Tons of great pictures too!

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