Barrel Tasting Poster 2012

The poster for the 2012 Barrel Tasting event has finally arrived! I created the watercolor and Liz Pembroke at Pembroke Studios did the design. As the event gets closer, I’ll announce the winery(s) I’ll be sketching at. Click to see the original painting and to find out more about the event. Here’s to a successful 2012 Barrel tasting weekend!


Saturday March 3, I’ll be sketching at Pedroncelli Winery in Geyserville, CA  just up the road a few miles.

Saturday March 10, I’ll be sketching at Robert Rue Winery in Fulton, CA south of Healdsburg.

I’m excited to sketch and wine taste at both of these award winning wineries!

2 thoughts on “Barrel Tasting Poster 2012

  1. Thanks Claire! Most of my illustration work is done on the computer these days so it was a pleasure to get to use watercolor.

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