The Art of Bicycle Maintenance

My bike is an extension of myself while I’m out on the road. If it isn’t running well, or I don’t feel well, we are each going to effect the other. Over the holidays, I needed a bit of time off, and a flat tire was just the excuse needed to prop up my feet and give in to rest and relaxation. But it’s time again to hit the road.

Spinning my flat tire to find a puncture, I easily found the blackberry thorn stuck between the tread. I pulled the tire off and removed the tube. Memory is a funny thing. I hadn’t fixed a tire flat since I was a kid, but I remember quite well how to do it. First, I scraped the inner tube with sandpaper, then squeezed glue around the hole, then let it dry. At this point, I chose to make a quick sketch of the repair kit while waiting. 30 minutes later, the sketch finished, I applied the patch and reattached my tire. A quick spin around the block assured a solid mount, and I was ready to get back on the road.

Downtime is more than a good thing, it’s necessary. It allows me to regroup, refocus and rejuvenate. Now that I’ve had some time off, I’m ready to dig some fresh tracks in the dirt as I explore more of wine country.

6 thoughts on “The Art of Bicycle Maintenance

  1. Thanks Steven! I love the blackberries I pick in the summer but when the city comes around and hacks the bushes up where I ride, they inevitably leave thorns. Going to have to watch out!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, that’s very kind of you! I’ll remember that next time I think something is too ordinary to paint.

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