Flying Goat Coffee

Flying_Goat _Coffee_s3One of my favorite places for coffee is the Flying Goat in Healdsburg. They have great, freshly roasted coffee, engaging art on the walls, and an overall nice coffee house feel. I’ve been coming here for years to sketch out ideas, think, write, and meet up with friends. Surprisingly though, this is the first time I’ve sketched the place from the inside.

6 thoughts on “Flying Goat Coffee

  1. I’ve never seen the place, but if it looks half as good as you’ve rendered it I’d definitely be a regular there! You do inspire me and one day I *will* dabble with watercolors (but right now I’m dabbling with the piano, and one can only do so much dabbling).

  2. The Flying Goat is a great place to get a cup of coffee or a muffin. I was there this morning in fact, writing a section of my forthcoming wine book. Yes, Jean I think you should pull out some watercolors someday and give it a go. You got nothing to loose and it’s so much fun! But playing the piano is good fun too.

  3. I’m still very taken with your style, the transparency, the tones, the simplicity of line …

    Have enrolled on an evening class to learn more about watercolour painting. Six weeks of Wednesday nights, starting after Easter.

  4. Thanks for the comment Peter! Glad to hear you’re taking a watercolor class, I hope you enjoy it. It’s good to have a group of people to learn from and to be inspired by. I’ll be looking forward to you posting some of your new work!

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