Vintage Passenger Train in Asti

Asti train_s

In 1881, Andrea Sbarbono developed an agricultural colony just south of Cloverdale that would later become known as Italian Swiss Colony. In the 1960s, the Colony produced TV commercials that strangely, featured a little old man as a winemaker costumed in an Alpine hat and lederhosen. He closed the commercial with the classic phrase, “That little old winemaker, me!”

Today the wine facility is home to Cellar No. 8 winery. Near the tasting room, two vintage train cars sit in the middle of a vineyard, a carryover from glory days of the 1960s when the Italian Swiss Colony tasting room received more than 10,000 visitors per year.


2 thoughts on “Vintage Passenger Train in Asti

  1. I love this one – I know, I know, I love them all! I remember those commercials, and I remember wondering, young as I was, why a winery would want to have such silly commercials.

  2. I agree Jean, those commercials were very silly. Not the sophisticated image that the wine industry now portrays. These train cars are right in the middle of the vineyard and I was lucky to have a nice shade tree while drawing.

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