“Impressions of Greece” in Greece

Artist_parthenon 2

My sister is taking a study abroad program this summer and just arrived in Greece. She brought along a copy of my book The Artist on the Road: Impressions of Greece and was kind enough to take a few pictures of the sites I painted when I was there. How exciting to see my art book travel back to where it was created.

Note from my sister: “Unfortunately they’re restoring the Parthenon from your cover, but it was still very cool to compare. Also, we had taken apples from breakfast with us. I had your book open and one of the guys traveling with us asked why you had painted an apple, so I read him that part from your book where that woman gave you an apple. Then we took our apples out of bags and ate them. It was a cool moment.”

Greek apple

While I was painting the Erechtheon, a Greek woman came up to me and commented on my drawing. Then she pulled out an apple out of her bag and gave it to me. She was so nice.

Erechtheon with Karyatids

Erechtheon with Karyatids

Porch of the KariyatidsPorch of the Karyatids

Bear and Dr White

My Sister (Bear) is on the left and her instructor Dr. White is on the right.

My book, Artist on the Road: Impressions of Greece, is available on Amazon.

7 thoughts on ““Impressions of Greece” in Greece

  1. How fun is that?! I know your book is making your sister’s trip all the more wonderful. I told a woman I met in Napa about your site because she was going to Sonoma as well. I know I’ll be studying your site when I go there.

  2. Jean, I was so excited to see my sister’s pics of my book in the locations I sketched. So cool. Thanks for the referral. You’ll have to let me know when you are coming and we can meet for tea or maybe even a wine tasting.

  3. Richard I bought and love your book. In the book you show your watercolor palette. Using the Prang box you say that you put 2 colors in each color well. Did you put some kind of separator in between the colors to keep them from inter-mixing. I would like to try your way of using the Prang box. Any more info on how you keep your colors separated would be appreciated.
    Great blog.

  4. Thanks RK, I’m happy to hear you enjoyed my book! The two colors that are in each well of the paint box are not separated. But since they are similar colors, I don’t find it a problem. I don’t overly wet my paints when I’m painting so a little variation while painting adds complexity. If you are interested in reading more about my color palette, click here: http://www.theartistontheroad.com/?p=3023

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